Conditions of auctions

  1. Everything is sold in the condition in which it is found at the fall of the hammer. Thus, there is no warranty of any kind. We point out that York Auktion does not check up on or test the individual items.
  2. The catalogue has been completed to the best of our knowledge. However, York Auktion does not hold any liability.
  3. The auctioneer determines the lowest bid increment. If there are any doubts regarding the highest bid immediately after the fall of the hammer, or if there are claims of multiple simultaneous bids, a new call is made.
  4. To be able to bid at the auction, you need to be in possession of a buyer’s number. The buyer’s number is shown to the auctioneer immediately after the fall of the hammer. The buyer’s number is available together with the auction catalogue at the auction’s office. Please state your name, address and telephone number (e-mail address if possible), otherwise the buyer’s number cannot be handed over.
  5. Apart from the bidding sum, an auction salary of 20% plus a hammer fee of 60 kr. pr. catalogue number is added. A VAT of 25% is added to the bidding sum, the auction salary as well as the hammer fee. Some vehicles and other items can be exempt from VAT on the bidding sum; these are designated as MOMSFRI in the auction catalogue. Translation from foreign currency is done at the current rate, at the day of the auction.
  6. The items are paid for, in cash or by Dankort, no later than an hour after the last fall of the hammer on the day of the auction. The ownership of the purchased items is not transferred to the buyer, until the Dankort-transaction has been cashed.
  7. The purchased items are to be collected in the periods specified on the front of the auction catalogue, and as described in the auction description. If the buyer has a carrier or another individual pick up the purchased items, a signed invoice needs to be presented. Items that are not collected in the allotted periods are added a fee of 200kr + VAT pr. item pr. day, as payment for storage. The auction house can also choose to sell the uncollected items privately or by a volunteer auction.
  8. In both incidents, the sales are made at the buyer’s expense, meaning that the buyer is obligated to cover eventual losses without having the right to any of the eventual profit.
  9. The buyer holds full responsibility for ensuring that the purchased items meet all regulatory requirements before being brought to use. Furthermore, the buyer holds full responsibility for acquiring the permission to use the various software or patents etc. from the respective rights holders.
  10. Following the fall of the hammer, the items are left at the buyer’s own account and risk. It is the buyers own responsibility to pick up, and if needed dismantle or dismount, the purchased items. Damage to the items following dismantling/dismounting are at the buyer’s own risk. In the event of dismantling of electricity, gas, water, heat or drainage it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met. The personnel of York Auktion are not accountable for any damage to the purchased items when helping to load/unload.
  11. Furthermore, the sale is conducted without the liability of the auction house, the auctioneer, and the requisitioner, as well as the possibility of server breakdowns or other IT complications, and the present auction leader (the latter is specified on the front page of the auction catalogue). All traffic in the auction area is at your own risk.
  12. An individual, who bids on behalf of another, commits oneself as a surety. If several individuals bid in unison, they are jointly and severally liable.

In the case that one cannot be present at the auction, it is possible to bid on the internet. This can be done on our website www,, before the finish time specified for each individual auction. The auctioneer of York Auktion starts the bidding  on behalf of the internet bidder (up to the maximum bid), if the people present at the auction does not

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